The Story

Space Colorado based Actor/Writer/Director George Flynn of LionHawk Entertainment and his Partner, Veteran Hollywood Producer Brad Wilson are in the process of creating something we all hope to see, when we watch a Movie for the first time: a Character & a Story we understand , but have never seen before. Mr. Flynn's movie and his character are both called, "Father Harrigan".

If you were a lover of "The X Files" and/or, "Kolchak: The Night Stalker", we've got a feeling you're going to love "Father Harrigan". It's going to seem comfortably familiar, but surprisingly new at the same time. The good Father is a rogue of an Irish Priest who has a penchant for chasing paranormal bad guys. Whether they're Ghosts, Vampires or Aliens, Harrigan is just the man to hunt them down.

The Film is a Paranormal Mystery/Thriller, with a huge dose of very funny dialog, that keeps the audience laughing between the shocks & suspense. If you're looking for gore, violence, nudity or profanity, this may not be your "cup of tea". But if you're looking for an ensemble of fascinating characters you've never met before, a suspenseful story that surprises you with each unpredictable twist & turn, beautiful ladies and men of action, then "Father Harrigan" is a movie that will definitely satisfy your tastes.

Harrigan is more of a "rebel" than a traditional "Man of the Cloth". He often finds himself fighting the Church Hierarchy as much as "Creatures & Demons". Simply put, he's a Man of God and a bit of a rogue, with the gift of the blarney.

Most of his "Churchly Confederates" would like to see him kicked out of the Priesthood, so the "Powers That Be" send him to a little old church in a poor, small town, hoping he'll retire. But the Demons, UFOs & Men In Black keep Father Harrigan way too busy to hang up his collar.

George Flynn began collaborating with Brad Wilson several years ago when the two became good friends & allies as they worked together on the Family Drama, "Set Apart".

For 11 years, Brad ran Academy Award Winning Actor, Robert Duvall's Production Company. Together they worked on eighteen feature films, including "COLORS" w/Sean Penn, "DAYS OF THUNDER" w/Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman, "FALLING DOWN" w/Michael Douglas and the critically acclaimed "WRESTLING EARNEST HEMINGWAY" w/Richard Harris & Shirley MacLaine.

But the Father Harrigan Team reaches further than from Hollywood to Colorado. Talents such as British Actor Frankie Oatway and Australian Talent Tony Gunter will be partnering up to play two very mysterious International Paranormal Investigators.

In addition, George Flynn's interesting casting has put real life Chief of Police & Master Firearms Instructor, Rich Wyatt, into the role of Chief Rich Wyatt. Director Flynn explains, "Chief Wyatt is Father Harrigan's Inspector Lestrade... but he's Lestrade with an edge & an attitude!"

There are far too many talented & experienced professionals involved in "Father Harrigan" who have been George's longtime friends & Allies during his 40+ year career. One Gentleman of particular interest is Actor/Director/Stuntman Mark Grove. He will not only be overseeing the challenging physical effects & stunts in the film, but he will also be playing the ominous & powerful Leader of the movie's dangerous Men in Black.

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